An extraordinary, fun & design oriented professional business where artists gather to promote a wonderful, creative environment for children and adults.

We have turned our dream into reality by sharing the magic of clay modeling along with buckets of joy, miles of happiness and bundles of creativity to thousands of children that will help them in their journey to become better adults.

We encourage creative thinking and empower our talented artists to push forward, gear up with energy & enthusiasm to bring childrenan art workshop liuke no other before.

With our characters we love to encourage children's imagination and take their minds away,into a richly colored world of superheroes, faries, monsters & all sorts of creatures thet their INSPIRED imagination may create.

We invite adults and children to never stop dreaming and have fun. We tend to overload our lives with work, depriving ourselves from enjoying the simple things in life. It is never too late to bring out our artistic side and inner child! Let's DREAM, CREATE, LIVE & HAVE FUN !

                         "Art wahes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso


Jorge was born a true artist and spent his childhood cultivating his creativity and innate talent. At six-years-old, he began studying clay modeling under the guidance of the renowned artist, Edgar Humberto Alvarez. He then attended the prestigious arts academy in Bogota, Plastilina Creativa Academy, on a scholarship. Jorge was selected by the Mayors office of Bogota to teach clay-modeling workshops as part of a special outreach program to help bring art into the lives of children throughout the city. Jorge attended the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota and the University of Texas, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Fine Arts. 

Jorge has a large and loyal following across the globe.  His  figures and stop-motion clay animation are featured in numerous commercials, feature films and national print publications. His clay sculptures are commissioned by private clients worldwide.  Jorge currently lives between Miami Beach and New York City, where he teaches his beautiful art.


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Jorge Cruz is an award-winning Colombian artist and architect, praised worldwide for his intricate clay modeling, stop-motion clay animation and Sugar Art.   He also is the founder along with his wife Johanna Morales of Clay World and Cake World in Miami Beach and New York City. Clay World and Cake  World focuses on developing and improving children’s fine motor skills, artistic capabilities, and creative expressiveness through exploring the art of clay modeling  clay animation and sugar art.   

Jorge specializes in meticulously hand crafted  figures and is lauded for the spectacular detail in each and every piece he creates. He has an extraordinary ability to express his thoughts with his hands, giving his sophisticated, imaginative and richly colored clay and sugar renditions a unique quality and sensibility that cannot be matched by any machine.